Flesh Of My Flesh... Blood Of My Blood

1 My Niggas
2 Pac Man
3 Bring Your Whole Crew
4 Ain't No Way
5 We Don't Give A Fuck
6 Keep Your Shit The Hardest
7 Coming From - (featuring Mary J. Blige)
8 It's All Good
9 Omen, The
10 Slippin'
11 No Love For Me - (featuring Swizz Beatz/Drag On)
12 Dogs For Life
13 Blackout - (featuring Lox & Jay-Z)
14 Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood
15 Heat
16 Ready To Meet Him


1 My Niggas

Just cause I love my niggas, (Ruff Ryders)
I shed blood for my niggas. (Ryde or die)
Let a nigga holla, "Where my niggas?" (Get down or lay down)
All I wanna hear is, "Right here my niggas"
(We here nigga)

You won't take this from me baby!
You will not take this from me baby!
Ya know grrrrr

My niggas some niggas that you don't wanna try
My niggas some niggas that's really do or die
My niggas will have you cowards ready to cry
My niggas will fry my niggas will rob
My niggas keep niggas on they fuckin' job
My niggas know what it's like when shit gettin' hard
My niggas stay pullin' you other niggas cards
My niggas It's God my niggas we'll shine
My niggas just knew it was a matter of time
My niggas let me know to keep fuckin' with the rhymes
My niggas ain't no longer livin' with crime
My niggas is fine my niggas is good
My niggas keep you niggas knocking on wood
My niggas know how to take it back to the hood
My niggas will put you down right where you stood
My niggas they could my niggas they will
My niggas take you straight to the back & get ill
My niggas give it straight to the bank when we kill
My niggas put niggas on ice til they chill
My niggas is still my niggas is dogs my niggas [echoes]

2 Pac Man

3 Bring Your Whole Crew

Come on, uhh, uhhh huhhh
But they don't hear me though
Uhh, but they don't hear me though,
uhh, but they don't but they don't...

I got blood on my hands and there's no remorse
I got blood on my dick cuz I fucked a corpse
I'm a nasty nigga when u pass me nigga look me in my eyes
Tell me to my fuckin face that u ready to die
U be a dead mutha fucka red mutha fucka
Don't be stupid you heard what I said mutha fucka
Who shot u ohhh nigga like u don't know
Stickin you for your doe while I'm fuckin your broke ho
Yo don't u get the picture niggaz can't touch me
Cuz I don't give a fuck G I'll get u touched B
I got choice ripple my slug'll take apart a door
And enuf crazy niggaz behind me to start a war
So what u want nigga help me is about your best
When I'm finished Red Cross couldn't clean up the mess
And a vest will do nothin but make u look a little thicker
Cuz in the dark u ain't nothin but a lil nigga
But if you've been thinkin about that shit u did
You wouldn't have brought the joint wit u kid
Now I might have to get u kid and split your wig wit a machedi
I bring beef to niggaz and string them out like spaghetti
U ain't ready lord can u stand how I'm bringin it
I'm givin it is how I'm livin it so I'm swingin it
Red dot on your head cuz you's in mid range
Red dot on your chest opens up your rib cage

I just love when a nigga bring his whole crew
It's just a bigger piece of cake for me to chew a hole thru [x 4]

Now if your heart wuz as big as your mouth you'd be real
But it's not so I know if u get knocked you'll squeal
Like a bitch cuz u iz a bitch and always been a bitch
And u know how niggaz do a bitch we run up in a bitch
For somethin in a bitch nigga do u know nigga do u owe me
Figure you could blow me well i'ma let this trigga feel u homey
That niggaz got to be smokin somethin thinkin u chokin somethin
Fuckin around wit me you'll be a broken somethin
I'm out for blood wit the crypts at war
How much shit could u talk wit your lips on the floor
Pussy niggaz make me itch so I scratch you's a bitch
So I snatch up your face fake ass bitch so I scratch u
Yeah.. There was a time when I would have jumped up and choked this nigga
But now I'm on some shit like.. Yo.. smoke this nigga
I'm bout to find out how much guts u got before I spill em
Somebody come and get this mutha fucka before I kill em
Ahhh!.. fresh out the asylum I'm wylin
Yall niggaz know the phone number for help u best ta dial them
9-1-1 emergency the urgency
We'll have witnesses seein what the surgeon see
How far u gonna get wit your dome split fool
Or catch your man strippin cuz he think his shape cool
But it ain't so I paint the walls wit his blood
Another dick in the mud
nigga what!


Ahh you u know who this is for, they let the doggs in the door [x 2]


4 Ain't No Way

Swiss beats (Uhh uhh)
Nigga, ryde or die (uhh uhh uhh)
DMX what what (uhh uhh uhh)

[Chorus - DMX]
Ain't no way you're gonna stop my flow
Ain't no way ya niggaz you just don't know
But niggaz is about to go oh no oh no
Ain't no way you're gonna stop my shine
Ain't no way you niggaz wanna stop mine
Ya niggaz must be out yo mind, I don't know why

What the fuck is you niggaz pressin me for
I saw more ass than a ho and you stressin the raw
If I was testin your jaw, maybe then you would respect me
But you can't respect me cuz you dont even know me
Nigga check me (come on)
I'm that motherfucker that'll put you to sleep, while you sleepin
Then die from a hundred feet, you just knew you was creepin
Bad decisions lead to last decisions
Fast collision, now yo ass is missin (what)
Take it over there now you bring it back to the streets
Have you forgotten what it means when a dog shows his teeth?
Let me break it down for you he's about to attack you
Still standin here faggot? You must want me to smack you
You ain't been there or done that, fuck is y'all niggaz tellin me
I'm the only nigga, walkin the streets with four felonies
But peep this, I see shit is hard, niggaz is strugglin
Let me ramble on for little while, go back to hustlin


Give it to niggaz just how they give it to, me
Hit 'em in a rhyme because I'm a M,C
Been a lot of places most niggaz won't, see
That's why I'm at a level that y'all niggaz won't, be
Let your man hold somethin now he want, more
You ain't no fuckin killer what was the front, for
It was a time when the world was at your front, door
Now they change places niggaz want, raw
Niggaz laugh at me and was mad at me
Cuz the way life was goin had to be a, tragedy
But after me, it's over, I'ma take the whole verse
I'm tryin to keep it real that's why I let y'all niggaz go first
But you look to get force right in the mouth
Didn't appreciate what you got when you got it so if I see it, I'ma tot it
Where to hide it you gotta car better drive it
The fuck up outta here and hope and pray I don't pull up along side it


Niggaz don't know so I gotta flip
It seem they've forgotten how dark it could get
Barks like a pit scratch when I hit
We both know you pussy but you stay talkin shit
What I'ma have to do dog, run up in yo mess
Catch you while you comfortable put one up in yo chest
One up in yo vest of course pay the hollows
And blown away today you just lost tomorrow
I'ma go platinum (nah) you gots to be kiddin WHY
Make it double platinum, no bullshittin
And I'ma stay flippin flows, rippin shows
Strippin ho's, gettin dough let me go
And nigaz know, who the best is
The dog, DMX is the rest is or might as well be helpless
I wreck this cuz when I wreck shit
I might snatch a niggaz necklace
Then go from like midnight to breakfast


5 We Don't Give A Fuck

[Chorus 2X]

Uhh used to be my dog you was in my left titty
Scream RYDE OR DIE I thought you would die wit me
Found out you a bitch you can't even ryde wit me
Now it's a war you ain't on the side wit me


When it rain, niggaz get wet, stay dry
Don't cross me, I compete the snake eye
Just lost you, left your shadow in the dark
Fucked around it forced me to hit the shadow with a spark
Blew your shit apart, now it's two halves of one nigga
"Look at him", I said after a few laughs, "Dumb nigga
Stupid is as stupid does cocksucker
And look what being stupid does, get you shot sucker
I let you get too close and you bit me
I suppose it went on for too long you tried to hit me
Thought you was wit me
Well you might as well forget me, cuz from this point on
It's war, it won't stop until one of us is gone
I'm still mad at myself for lettin that shit go down
Somebody shoulda told me I was fuckin wit a clown
And I think they found and let.. you.. nigga.. drown know how shit get around

[Chorus - 2X]

Aiyyo X fuck them niggaz, them niggaz ain't your dogs
Better treat like some cats and shake they ass to the floor
Ben seen the foul shit put the guns in him
Lil wanna be you so why you run wit him
Can't trust niggaz no further than you can throw 'em
You don't wanna murder the niggaz, then you blow 'em
Your using your style, that make 'em yo child
Then he shouldn't make a move till he hear it from yo mouth
We don't allow snakes runnin wit dogs
Tell them ain't nothing like a funeral it's gonna be yours
Double R, and I ain't here to start trouble god
But if they wasn't your niggaz I would have been hit 'em hard
Niggaz look like they phony, sound like they phony
Run around actin like motherfucker's homies
We all make mistakes, that's part of the breaks
But you can still call the apes we bringin the duct tape
And the broomstick them bitch-ass niggaz is gettin raped
Know how we ryde, whoever on they side they die
And we ain't tryin to be blind,fuck eye for eye
Cuz we only takin yours, you know the dogs motherfucker

[Chorus - 2X]

There was always something there, but I just couldn't touch it
Wasn't something that would hurt me, so a nigga said "Fuck it"
I let it slide, laughed and joked let it ride
And now that you done killed it, I'm glad that it died
It's aiight, I know where you live, I'm just waitin
Till we knock on your front door, and let you meet Satan
It's what you get for hatin, fuck you faggot
I never did trust you faggot, I'll bust you faggot
What you done forgot about the streets is this
Do a grimy nigga like you do a grimy bitch
Just stop fuckin wit him, got no more rap
No more, "Yo what's up, D?" no more that
Be lucky if I don't spit in your face, off a GP
And what? bitch-ass nigga, you can't beat me
Don't take it as a loss, just take it as a lesson
Next time think twice or get iced wit the Wessun

[Chorus - 2X]

6 Keep Your Shit The Hardest

What y'all want me to do
Keep your shit the hardest
It's about to go down
Niggaz is ready to start this war that's for sure
Nigga come and get it
Ride and die why
Cause my niggaz is wit it

I want Monopoly money but I ain't even half way there
Do a dirt and a nigga gotta take the backway there
What it is is the biz and its dirty
You'll get rich but life expectancy is about thirty
Take the business to the hallways, driving up for four days
On parole with warrants that'll send me back the raw way
If I get caught across Jersey state lines
Figure this 98 and I been runnin since 89
So that's like 9 years delinquent time
You speakin crime than you know
9 years you owe it's not 9 years you gonna go
No probation or parole more time doin nothin
They roam to yard writin rhymes an frontin
Carry niggaz greasy because I'm built like that
Burry niggaz easy cause they get kilt like that
If you ain't in it wit me than you in my way
But either or you will respect mine
And leave tech 9 and leave it for dude
The realest you gonna feel is when you face your death
Sorry I didn't know nigga don't even waste your breath
Coppin pleas not D why you flippin
Nigga know the only thing I'm really scared of is slippin
Letin a nigga catch you when I got my gaurd down
So I keep em up
Noddin of with one eye open
I can it freak but theres a time when i'm close 'em both
Lead poisonin i'm a get hit with an overdose
So I don't drug thing crud thangs
Think I don't know a slug stains, or blood blaze
Raw gun playin drama
Sadness to another niggaz momma
I'm a be the the one that puts you up inside the trauma
These are troublesome times
And the crime prevails
And the dark side keeps a niggaz ass in jail
Bada-boom-bada-bing some of this and some of that
Gotta boogie for a minute but you know i'm coming back


Try to show niggaz but I can only hope they see
You a little nigga fit right up in a 6 by 3
Layin' up like this
Lips sewn shut eyes closed
Niggas walk past the casket damn shorty nice pose
You was ballin nigga till your ass got balled out
Called out by some disrespectful ass niggas that go all out
I bet you thought it was real funny
Until it had to get cruddy
Me walkin off leavnin you with all this bloody
What he gonna do when it's all over for real
And the last thing you see is that steel
A blast of light that's what he seein' if you blast him right
Hit him in the face and hear that closed casket tight
Get it right it aint nothin but endin it to a nigga
Street sweeper like ahhhh!
Sendin it to a nigga
When you in the house you play by house
2 words you'll never here again are house lose
And that's house choose it aint gonna be that
Cause I can't see that
Ready to get in them niggaz ass real good so where the weed at
Believe that you aint going to see nothin to familiar
I would tell you what to do but than I'd have to kill you
And it ain't even worth it I ain't goin to build nothin
So I'm just gonna let you go be that same nigga
still frontin laughin and shit
Like you see somethin funny but you say sound good
let me see somethin money
For real
(Go nigga, go nigga, go nigga, go nigga nigga)


7 Coming From
- (featuring Mary J. Blige)

Believe me, when I say
Before light, there was dark

[Mary J. Blige]
Where you going, where you going?
Where you going, where you going?
Where you going?
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?

Places that I've have been, things that I have seen
What you call a nightmare, are what I have as dreams
Bad as that may seem, I know is only going to get worse
Love, a slug, which one am I gonna get first?
My journey's been a rough one, I'm not sure when it begins
But the way it's looking, I kind of know when it's gonna end
Hold me down baby, it's gonna be a rough ride
Niggas give us plenty of room, cause I guess enough died
Let me travel, cause my intentions are to travel in peace
Fuck around I lay you down, you hit the gravel and cease
I could be a beast, or I could be a gentleman
But if you ain't my dog, you gonna be like 'Oh, it's him again'
Niggas will never win, this whole rap game is mine
Hot as you ever been, I was that in eighty nine
Seek and you shall find, look within and you will know
Where you coming from, and where you gotta go
Come on!

[Mary J. Blige]
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-Got to keep it real with me
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-So the hell with you
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-I think I'm going to the top
Me and DMX

I will spend mad time in one spot, plotting my next move
Trying to figure out what is it, that X do what X do
Some questions go unanswered, that's what I'm afraid of
Sometimes I can't show, but I know what I'm made of
They made love, or should I say they made lust
Bound, there didn't have to be love there, but they made us
I got quite a few sisters, I was the only boy
But being with my dog, was my only joy
Like a kid with a new toy, I forgot about the ?
Escaped the misery, didn't think about the crime
Lost all track of time, was in another world
Everybody knew Earl, but there was another Earl
Like the side of the dark, riding the park but wouldn't want to
when they jump me, became a good runner
One by one they all went under, so I had the last laugh
They all thought it all was a joke, but I had the last laugh

[Mary J. Blige]
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Come on!

[Mary J. Blige]
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-If I don't know, I don't know
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-But I know where I'm going
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-But I know where I'm going
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-Do you know, do you know

I feel the ghost from within, coming back to haunt me
Stay love in my peoples, even though they don't want me
When I was bad, I was forgotten, like I was dead and rotten
Should've been getting love, but instead was plotting
Shit wasn't right, and it was all blamed on me
Didn't know that I was special till this rap shit came to be
Gave me a way out, showed me it was better to teach
Than bust niggas with the fo-fo, leave them dead in the streets
Over beef that was worth less, than the cost of the slugs
That I bought to kill them
And that's because I thought I ought to kill them
Little did I know, death wasn't right
Didn't always show every breath was a life
It was to be captured in suspended animation
To be felt by all, understood by every nation
What's the sense of hating, when I can show love
What's the sense of faking, when I can show blood

[Mary J. Blige]
Now what's the moral to this story?

Come on!

[Mary J. Blige]
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-If I don't know, I don't know
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-But I know where I'm coming from
If I don't know where I'm coming from
Where would I go?
-Do you know where you're coming from?

Yonkers is where we grew
Trials we got through
On top is where we staying
Till the end, as long as we'll pray
On Hot 97 ya hear
DMX all through the year

8 It's All Good

It's All Good
Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?


It's all good
It's alright
Fuck all day
Fuck all night
Call my bitches, cause wherever I go, y'all my bitches
East to the west coast, all my bitches

Chickens is good for plucking
So I'm stickin' bitches, fuckin'
Got 'em trickin' while they suckin'
Give 'em dick and they ain't buggin'
I've done it all
From mackin' 2 hoes, on a three-way
Dominican hoes on B day
Country hoes in V-A
And they all say
The same about my game
It's tight
Thats why every night
A different group of bitches start a fight
Over some dick that they don't even own
All I'm givin' them is the bone
Blowin' up a niggaz phone
But ain't nobody home
I'm in a zone
Tryin' to do things
But turns into a cruel thing
Whats up girlfriend, you game?
No wonder why
When I leave at night
It's cause I theive at night
I'm leavin' bitches not breathin' right
I fuck they head up with some slick shit
Hit 'em off with some long dick shit
Make it some quick shit, but rip shit
Then I'm out, just like the trash on a thursday
Knowin' she'd be givin' up the ass on the first day


Flocks of bitches by the dozens
From sisters to cousins
Got 'em doin' shit they said they wasn't
Ever gonna do
Like knowin' I'd fuck the bitch that she was close to
Still gave up the ass and dough
She was supposed to
Pictures of bitches
And flicks of chicks
Videos with the baddest hoes, sucking dick
It's the dog in me that makes me do wrong
And honnies can't help but get strong
Cause the game is too strong
I like 'em greedy
Black like edi
Eyes beady
Willin' to give to the needy
I done ran through 'em all
From around the way bitches
Outta state hoes
And even hitting gay bitches
All I tell 'em is "let me get that"
Then it's on
Knock her mothafuckin' boots
And then I'm gone
I got the white bitches sayin' "It's a black thing"
Cause I leave that hoe with no dough
And plenty back pain


Bitches who get props
Cause they know who can get got
And they can get shot
By the way ya niggaz flip drop
Walk up in the spot
Knowin' what she want
When hun wants the dickly
Hun comes and gets me
It's amazing
Does it get crazy
Known to be swayze
Cause thats daddy's baby
i keep them hoes in check
Like the government
Hittin' 'em off with nothin' but the dick
Snd they lovin' it
Huggin' it
Like it's they best friend
Cause it is
Word to mix
Fuckin' with tricks is just biz
I deal with strictly dimes
Got 'em commitin' they first crimes
Cause she suckin' dick for the first time
And ain't no secret
'Bout how i freak it
When it's sleek it
Never knew how I peeped it
Then creeped it
That's how I know this must be that shit
I tell them bitches "i'll be back"
And they believe that shit

[chorus x4]

Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
[repeat x4]

9 Omen, The

(You, right here shorty, told you, I got you
Like the way I scooped you, when those fagget niggaz shot you?
I'ma hold you down, and I mean that, for real)
But everytime you beef with a nigga, I end up havin' to kill
(Ain't like that, and hey, forget about them 2 kids
'Bout to do a deal, somethin' nice as you is)
Oh you think
(Nah, I'm just playin', what's up?
I got some new bitches, I know you tryin' to fuck)
Not really
(What? I ain't your man no more?
Because a nigga, don't need a hand no more?
You know how we do, if one goes sore
You'll take the pussy and go up in the roar)
It's like now
Where you goin'
I ain't trying to take it
Fuckin' with a nigga like you, I won't make it
(It'll be what it is)
Yo, you in for the night?
I'm 'bout to take it to the crib
(You get home alright?)

[Chorus - Marilyn Manson]
The snake
The rat
The cat and the dog
How you gonna live
When you're in the fog?

I ain't fuckin' with this nigga, no more
Word to my mother
Fuck 'em, so ya know 'em for sure
Word to my brother
It's like he's gotten worse than before
Son of I wonder
What type of dirt this nigga got in store for me to get under
Then I get a call
(X, Luis just killed your cousin, underneath the projects
Don't get back, them niggaz will pay, then I got you, told you I got you
Yo, I got you)
I'm in a catch 22
But them niggaz gotta pay
But I know he's gonna be askin' for a favor one day
But fuck it
I ain't got no choice in the matter
Them faggets killed my peep
And I wanna see him splatter
(That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, we ain't on no bitch hit
And use the same gun that you killed them 2 kids with
Is that hard to live with?)
(See, you still a playa)
But what you want from me?
(Uh...I'll tell you later)


Shit is all over the news
Bomb goes off in central
What the fuck have I gotten myself into?
My mental is like
Get the fuck outta there
I'm out
(Hey, goin' somewhere?)
(What the bag for?)
Fuck it, what you want?
(Can a nigga come inside for a minute, and puff a blunt?)
Here we go again
(After what I just gave you, with you actin' like that
when you asked for that favor)
Yo, I ain't ask you for shit
(Oh yes you did, when you really needed something, and you was out, you did
You sold me your soul, when you didn't say no
Just let a nigga go, and give me what you owe
Fuck what you think, ain't shit for free
And a mothafucker you know, can't defeat me)
Forgive me father, for I have sinned
And with your help I know, the devil won't win

[Marilyn Manson]

Here we are on our way to hell
We're gonna do it, and we do it well

This is Marilyn Manson, Dmx, Ruff Ryders
[repeats and distorts til end]

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